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Lost In Lace

Well the exhibition  has now finished at the Mall. My bag was a little lighter on return, but not very. I was pleased with how my display looked, but it certainly helped me to make up my mind to  launch forth into some bigger installations rather than 2 D pieces. What was really great, was meeting visitors, hearing their comments about the whole exhibition and making new friends from the exhibiting makers. This is how my work looked…

Visit to Lost in Lace

This is a must for those friends in  the UK. It is on in birmingham and is inspirational. Thanks to Sue for booking my ticket. a great day out with Sue and Sheila.


Naomi Kobayashi

Annie Bascoul

Michael Brennand- Wood

Chiharu Shiota


Suzumi Noda

Atelier Manferdini

It would  be great to have the opportunity to develop  my own paper lace installations in such a space. Humble they might be.

Dress form exhibited in Israel. Seen here at the opening. Brenda Parsons

No Place for a Lady Installation  Brenda Parsons

AND I have blogged 2 weeks running. Already better than last year!!!!

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