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Getting ready for the Exhibition at Brixton East

A new venue for Morley Textiles. Should be good and different. Free workshops offered every day.

The Joy of Colour 1

My workshop 3-5pm Sunday 20th July Stitched Paper Collage.

The Colour and Pride of Poverty

This  work has been inspired by two visits to India to take part in the Polio immunisation programme with Rotary International. I was intrigued by the brightly, painted yet extremely small homes which were stacked one on top of each other beside the raiiway. Each home with just one room, had no running water, perhaps only a well-worn ladder to reach it, but had been given a personal and artistic character by its occupants. So, far from looking dull the homes were cheerful in spite of being so basic and cramped. The people were brightly dressed in saris or children in clean school uniforms. India is known for its contrasts between rich and poor, however the pride of the poor people shone out. I have tried to capture the blocks of colour stacked on top of eachother like 3D jigsaw pieces, alongside the evidence of spiritual spaces and bathed with overwhelming colour.

A Spiritual Place

Next step screen printing

Next step screen printing

Brixton East Gallery – July 17-21st
100 Barrington Road, London, SW9 7 JF


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