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Groyne Gallery Hanging

Well certainly a day to remember!

A  group of Textile Artists from Morley, clad in layers of thick clothing, boarded the train for Walton on the Naze with bags, poles, hammers, fishing line…….. all but the kitchen sink. We were ready for  bad weather and were not disappointed. Not just wind and rain were experienced in the afternoon but also HAIL STONES!!!! Which we  survived with smiles on our faces.

We met Sally our hostess and the owner of the bright idea of the Groyne Gallery, in her  very unique home for lunch, before we went to the beach. Thank you Sally for making us so welcome. We were overwhelmed by  the long table  all set with vintage plates, cake stands and even candelabra. We spread out our ‘Contrubution Lunch’ and  in minutes a Banquet emerged. The candles were lit and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch followed by  tea and coffee in pretty vintage cups with saucers. Very pretty and most unexpected. Then it was time to wrap up and face the elements.

A few minutes later we  were all on the beach. Beautiful beach huts in their lovely rich browns,  nestled into the cliff and in front of us stretched the sands  and the groynes we had come to work amongst. what a magnificent idea. We had  a gallery with almost unlimited choice,. so, bracing ourselves against the wind we paced across the beach, selected our plinths and became friendly with them.
We hung panels and flags, 3D structures  large and small and battened them down ready to be photographed. Well battened them down several times as the wind beame stronger and the rain heavier.
This was the moment when I knew that my decision to coat my paper dress form with Acrylic Wax had been a good one. It really worked and not only was I able to display  vertically on a groyne but also floated it on the water next to a groyne, just as I had envisaged when I created it. I  also displayed my sea scrolls made from hand made waxed seaweed paper , with knitted net
We couldn’t believe our eyes when Tina exposed her bathing costume and ran into the sea…. (For seconds may be ), but  she did it.

It was a wonderful experience being so close to nature with our final pieces of work. So often the prpearatory designs and inspiration for textiles come from the Natural world but rarely are they returned there for display.
Feeling healthier, though a little tired and really very wet…. we returned to london after a brilliant and different day.
Being a textile artist certainly is not boring!!
I hope that you  enjoy my photos of the day.






Sea scrolls Waxed hand made paper using sea weed

Knitted nets with seaweed paper scroll


Mere de la Mer A sea inspired dress form  created from re cycled brown paper painted, stitched and waxed.


Arianne’s windsocks dyed parachute silk. they flew beatifully



And it didn’t disintegrate

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